Monday, August 19, 2013

because I'll probably never be able to afford that See by Chloe bag anyway

If there was one thing my mother got right from yesterday's 'small talk,' it's that I really do love clothes. And I really do because for one, they're drama-free. It's one of the reasons why I think I'll always feel uneasy in offices where power-dressing is a must. I only have a couple things or less for office wear and I'm fine without most of them unless I have to at least teach for a year or two and in which, I am now contemplating some trousers from Zara. But I'm not saying I am ruling out office wear because by the looks of it, I'm heading there post-grad graduation---if/when the thesis passes---unless I decide to go for another round of school (fashion-related this time as that is what I have in mind at the moment) or a paid/unpaid internship in the industry.

What a Girl Wants dress and bag, Minnetonka boots

F21 dress and tights, Freepeople knit toggle coat, See by Chloe bag, Victoria's Secret peeptoe Oxfords

And it will be eons before I can afford anything designer anyway.

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