Wednesday, August 14, 2013

another of those leggings-ankle boots-white t combination

Dog-friendly photo #2. She was just there, posing, when this was taken.
Currently waiting for a ton of things to come to the mail while working hard on minor freelance writing gigs and doing some studying. Comprehensive exams are coming up but I managed to snag some time off to go get classic milk tea (favorite!) from Chinkeetea---so happy they have a satellite branch now near the abode---and some groceries which include a loaf of whole wheat bread, a diet staple. As for the newly opened Chinkeetea nearby, at least I don't have to pay the fare to go to Pabayo-Hayes Sts when all I do in their place there is ogle all the colorful stuff they have including the hanging chair and creepy dolls, antiques here and there. The place is too colorful, it gets overwhelming most of the time.
It has been a month but life has been somewhat boring recently with ample time for random shoots. Mostly, just at home, reading and working. I probably now need a ton of comfortable lounge clothes, I'm currently working on acquiring these.

Tracy Anderson exercises (cardio + Perfect Design 1) are now part of the regular, daily program. So is dancing in the room randomly to Da-iCE's Stand; Miura Daichi's Go For It, Twinkle Shiny Star and Right Now; and AAA's Love is In the Air and Party it Up. Random personal dancing parties in the room, o/ except they're all done to relieve the self of stress.
All I want to do now is go to a random cafe and read and catch-up on my studies but it seems I'm not into that kind, really.
In other news: Kagay-an Festival/Fiesta is right around the corner and I am contemplating signing up for the 5K Kagay-an Festival Marathon. It's been eons since I was last home for the fiesta.

f21 t and leggings, payless boots, random tote and bracelet (from grandma <3)

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