Wednesday, April 6, 2016

one part fairy

top/dress/tunic, secondhand; denim shorts (not pictured, underneath the dress/tunic), target; heels, primadonna; bangle/bracelet, secondhand; cross earrings, from multiply years and years ago; necklaces, a gift (from mum) and from a local accessories and etc store

It's really, really hot outside with temperatures still reaching 30s here in the southern part of the Philippines. I'm currently surviving with tons of water, green smoothies in the early morning, lunch and/or dinner and lots of sunscreen/sunblock---Human Heart Nature's is god-sent. 
It's Wednesday and I'm all about feeling like a fairy, almost playing the part in this dress, tunic, whatever this is that I've thrifted a year or two ago from Dumaguete City's many thrift shops. It's only appropriate for this kind of extreme heat. 
On the other hand, my favorite Jpop all-male group of five, Da-iCE has just released their 8th single, Watch Out, today. Their b-side to the single, çİş, has been on loop on my itunes for a while now. I'm still confused as to how their cover of Aladdin's theme, A Whole New World, was included in the single but it's there. Haha. I still have zero ideas as to how that kanji reads like. I'm the worst at kanji. /cries. 

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