Thursday, April 14, 2016

dinner out and a walking hazard

inner black lace-silk cami and dark brown skirt (f101),, vintage/secondhand blazer, k silver necklace (not pictured) from mum and another silver necklace from aizilim (local store in the market)

Went out to a family dinner with some acquaintances in this ensemble of cami and skirt that could singlehandedly form one whole mini-dress and topped the said cami with a vintage white blazer. It's appropriate for the hot night out granted everything has been hot from day to night around here lately. The month of May will hopefully bring about some rain to cool down the nights.

I'm totally accident prone, a walking hazard. And yes, that's a mark of betadine/antiseptic on my knee right there. My trusty BDG flats, a gift from an aunt in the US, had me slip on a pavement and hit my knee and a part of my foot against it a bit hard resulting to some gashes on both parts. Nothing major, I'll live but it'll be long before they can heal completely and leave almost no marks on myself. The gashes, however, most likely won't stop me from wearing everything short in this succession of hot weather-ed days.

On the next shoot and post, I'll see about bandaging the gashes up so the damaged leg looks less gross than what it looks like here.

Meanwhile, this has been repeat on my itunes since yesterday...the full track of it anyway. 3:43 full minutes of really beautiful singing by my SOLIDEMO (from boys coupled with danceable (is that a word? Okay, it's a word now...haha), bop-able (completely made-up but it'd work, I guess, given how so into pop culture I am even my choice of words reflect it) backing EDM sound goodness:


I'm replacing CREAM's Wonderland that I've been dancing around to at home, in the room with this one. Yep. So y'all know how this was released yesterday, right? Via the Landscape single whose a-side, Landscape is an ED theme to the anime, Fairytail Zero at this time---its 22nd ED theme if I'm not mistaken. Side note: I don't really watch Fairytail nor do I read its manga. I...uh...the only things I really am into when it comes to animanga are Sailor Moon and Hunter x Hunter (anything Togashi, that is). I read way more light novels that have been translated to english than I do manga these days and the only anime I've been keeping tabs on or have been watching is Kindaichi Returns so far. Anyway, it, the Landscape single from SOLIDEMO being released yesterday had me jumping around like mad especially when I found the full length track for Ride On (technically Landscape's b-side). This snippet does justice to the full track but the latter is just really, really good it's on loop on my itunes now.

First, Da-iCE's çİş, and now SOLIDEMO's Ride On. I'm not entirely sure how both of my favorite Avex (Japan) boybands/groups managed to release singles with b-sides 100000...x miles better than their a-sides. They're from the same agency/talent management company but I don't think they connived to do this to me---to give me and every one of their fans beautiful b-sides to what seems to be already over-played a-sides. They have really different concepts as male groups from Avex so they couldn't've met up and decided then and there to do this to their fans. Haha. And they released their singles 7-8 days apart...only: Da-iCE on April 6 and SOLIDEMO yesterday, April 13 (Asian continent general time).
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