Saturday, April 16, 2016

sailor shorts

forever21 shorts and bangles/bracelets, not pictured: makeshift gold chain ring (I just found it around the house, haha), secondhand faded glory t in army green/olive/dark green, flats/sandals from a Dumaguete City boutique whose name I forgot...    

Yesterday was around the 37s in celsius. I'm pretty sure today is, too. The day before yesterday was the hottest day of this Philippines summer, by the way. 

CNN breaking news was on updates on the devastation brought upon by the 6.2 magnitude then later, the 7.0 magnitude earthquakes on Kyushu. Kumamoto castle is in shambles with rubles everywhere. The sight of it I'd seen in snaps on Twitter reminds me of what had happened to the old churches in Bohol and the church I used to frequent in Cebu City: Sto. Nino church after a quake of about almost the same magnitude as this one in the Kyushu island. That Visayas quake was about two years ago, if my memory has not yet failed me. I'm only relieved I've been to Bohol right before that happened but I wouldn't mind going back there for a vacation. Bohol is just beautiful...well, as much as the smaller islands around Cebu among others. I'm definitely on summer mode here since it's almost May. And then there's a quick trip to Cebu City next week for a foster older brother's graduation at a med school there (he's Japanese). I'm psyched for it even if it's just a one-day thing.  

As much as I'd've loved to wear the ankle boots with this ensemble, my wound on one foot was still hurting. I couldn't push it in on one boot /sad. 

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