Saturday, April 23, 2016

airport wear no. 2

secondhand ribbed, buttoned tank and skirt, shoes from footstep (Dumaguete City), souvenir shop and vintage bangles/bracelets, Ninewest clutch/wristlet, forever21 leaf long necklace, gifted k and Aizilim crystal pendant necklaces, (not pictured) forever21 cat-ears and Aizilim nail rings

I meant to take outfit photos at yesterday's event/s and frolicking around Cebu City but I only had a day to spend there and then slept throughout the night upon getting back to the hotel so there wasn't much outfit photo-taking time squeezed in. Flight going back home was so early we all had to catch the taxis at 3 in the morning to not get late for it. Not entirely sure, however, why I didn't bother to wander around the Mactan airport's shops in the domestic flights section. They already have one of my favorite local brands, Bench Philippines, open a huge-ish shop there. Maybe...on the next trip to and from Cebu City although I can't be sure yet when this will be.

But, on the other hand, this was more or less airport wear number two for me on the way home from Cebu City really early in the morning yesterday. 

Browsing around Zalora today, I found these---they're perfect for lounging around in everywhere (summer staples, indeed)---that I can't seem to get over with somehow:
Should these still be on my mind on Monday next week, I'm most probably getting them. I'm still on the fence somehow because I'm thinking of something else I need to buy entirely. But they are tempting, really tempting because Zalora has a sale going on right here *points down* 

I'll think it over. Until Monday or Tuesday at least. I'm not even going to lie, Zalora's in-house brand basics have been a weakness (of mine) since they first had the said line named 'Zalora Basics' back in the day (or perhaps until middle of last year). Basics and non-basics from the in-house brand now is just...Zalora.

Meanwhile, this has been on constant repeat lately...that is, if I'm not listening to my deep house and the Chainsmokers stash:
When it comes to Jpop, I can't help but notice I'm such a sucker for anything r&b, urban or even rap (Kreva comes to mind). There was a time, when I was around the last few years of grade school and entering high school when I used to dislike those three, especially the urban genre. Thanks to jpop music, I ended up liking all three---my entry to Japanese r&b music was Chemistry back in the early 2000s and late 1990s, for Japanese urban it's MihimaruGT (they're on indefinite hiatus now so, /cries) and for rap, it's no doubt, Kreva from the Issai Gassai single/track onwards. With MihimaruGT on indefinite hiatus, White Jam and Cream has ended up being my go-to for anything Japanese urban/pop lately. Both are such good, really good groups for this kind of music. And this is probably why I can't even go kpop.


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