Sunday, March 20, 2016

summer dreaming models off duty style

Pretty pictures from the fymodelsoffduty from so, so, so long ago. It's been a year or close to two since I last visited that tumblr site. All of these make me dream of summer dressing even though it's technically summer all year long here. This makes dressing even in monochrome---currently, I've been building a monochromatic dull and uninteresting/boring (as I am on most days) wardrobe apt for effortless, lazy daily dressing---fun. But let's be honest, I only really wear anything I pick off of the clothes racks on three sides of the room or the closet on a daily basis. Not overthinking outfits is becoming my thing. That's one daily stress out of the way on most days here.

Summer wardrobe basics for me are:
1. tanks and ts - the white t or occasional black t that never really dies. 
2. denim shorts/cut-offs - yep. (trouser shorts are fine, too)
3. leather/faux leather/coated shorts in black/white/nude
4. trousers and comfy joggers over jeans - jeans are too hot to wear out in this 30-35s (in celsius) extreme heat and therefore only appropriate on some occasions
5. flats - borderline gladiator types, lace-ups...anything comfortable to walk and even run around in, also...slip-ons
6. ankle boots - because often times they give edge, yep
7. t-shirt dresses - either maxi or mini but preferably mini
8. skirts everything...mostly mini
9. huge bags in black, brown, nude, white to tote everything you need around possibly including swimsuits/two-pieces for that random dip in the cold spring or the sea

Life would probably be a hard one without all of these here in Cagayan de Oro City.

It's the Holy Week in this predominantly Roman Catholic country and therefore the hottest week, ever. It's always been the case for years now. I'm not entirely sure what the scientific explanation behind that is. But...dire times like these, water on the table is becoming an every day staple. Often times, water with ice cubes in it. 

Hmn...I'm pretty sure I've seen both Laura Kampman and Montana Cox in a couple of seasons of Australia's Next Top Model. I've watched a ton of it on Starworld lately, Australia's NTM. It's pretty good. Confession? I like more than Asia's Next Top Model and slightly more than America's Next Top Model.

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