Saturday, April 8, 2017

no drama

 button-up shirt, vintage. diy partly bleached denim cutoffs,  gap. boots, zalora. headband/wrap and long leaf necklace, f21 (unsure where it's from however, faulty long-term memory to blame, haha). 

Really dramatic real life, no drama clothes. If only they can be one and the same then the world would probably be a better place somehow...
Regarding this pair of bleached cutoffs...I just had to, like, DIY my own pair way, way back when half-bleached denim shorts were a thing. I think Zara had something similar a few seasons back. Definitely, you can be trendy or in fashion without having to spend much...and that's what I like about being into it.
Lighting is too bright in this area apparently. The photo here and in the previous outfit post are evidence enough I probably need to find another place to take outfit blog photos from. Ironically, I shot this near-sundown, basically golden hour. And I'm going back to the favorite by the gate photos next week.

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