Tuesday, April 11, 2017

summer heat cozy

 cami, secondhand ralph lauren (similar here in black). skirt, ebayed laundry by shelli segal. boots, zalora. choker, smashbox. cross necklace, aizilim.

Something cozy for the hot day out today. This is likely the second time I've worn this cream cami on here. The first was the garden shot which ended up being too bright for this thing to be captured in photos better.
Anyway, today's music mood because the heat makes me want to feel a bit cutesy? I don't know either...really. More like this is a new release by one of the favorite music groups from Japan so...
Finally, it's something high school academe related. I was counting on them to one day do something like this and they delivered. I actually like the other a-side of the single, Boyfriend better musically but this is a-ok, too, I guess. I like the video for this more than Boyfriend's for some reason.

Ah...skater Asada Mao has just retired from competitive skating. She'd posted details of her retirement on her blog. This, just in time when the Japanese women were given just two slots in the incoming Pyeongchang Winter Olympics (the men won three slots during the recently concluded World Championships in Helsinki). Commence collective sad sounds coming from Japanese team ice skating fans (including me). I'll always remember Mao as someone who was instrumental in bringing in my favorite male skater, Uno Shoma, into the sport (in addition to Takahashi Daisuke, that is). Photos/snaps and video clips of her carrying little Shoma around the ice, playing with him, will always be a fond memory for me to treasure this day on. Let's just say, although I'm not too familiar with Mao's work in the women's figure skating field, I have too much love to give to the Japanese skating team. It doesn't matter to me which part of the figure skating events they compete in.

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