Friday, April 7, 2017

so it's definitely summer now

 tank, secondhand Ralph Lauren. denim cutoffs, levis. boots, zalora. tri-strand ribbon choker, verano via zalora. belt, vintage. sunglasses, dad's. 

 fedora, jessica simpson (w/o belt)

This might be the real start of the summer, dry season. Finally. No rain in sight the whole day, just pure sun and tolerable heat in the most appropriate summer day outfit. I've actually worn this cream-colored, pretty flimsy excuse for a sunny, summer's day appropriate top under a vintage cream silk button-up shirt. It was on the recent Camiguin trip post. I found it a bit too tiresome to list down what I wore on the post so I never mentioned this thing being worn at all there until this one. So, due to how cozy this is and how it allowed me not to even put on the fan for cooler air...I actually lounged in this today, watching the kdrama Signal on TVN/Channel M without english subs which was pretty much torture. I mean, watching Signal not having any english subs the one that was pure torture. The South Korean language is pretty alien to me being someone who's more of a Japanophile than a South Korea-nophile like a high fraction of my compatriots and fellow...err...south east asians. But anyway, back to this ensemble...yes, it's pretty easy and fun to accessorize which was why, when I saw it hung on a thrift shop in Dumaguete City a couple or so years ago, I just had to get it. Also, it was pretty affordable so why couldn't I not have snatched it up then?

....and finally, I think I can start posting more summer, islander-denizen friendly, Californian-French minimal chic outfits on this blog from this day on. Thank you, dearly beloved, highly revered summer sun! There are already a few things I have in mind for these dry season's posts that, I think, I can afford to actually stay the repeat offender that I am in some of them. This season makes me want to actually do my own version of the 10x10 wardrobe challenge that's about to start at unfancy and others. It seems really fun! But I don't have instagram so I can't participate on this one there. I'm too lazy to attempt it on here either, for some reason so I think I'll just dedicate a post for pictures of this season's key pieces one day next week or so instead. Anyway, yes, it's officially summer! 

In other news, if Big Little Lies is going to be marathon-ed on HBO Asia one day after this week's 7th episode conclusion of its first season, I'm so on board on this. I enjoyed what I've glimpsed of its 7th episode yesterday.

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