Thursday, April 6, 2017

not the manly pinstripes i hoped for but close

 bench tank, secondhand trousers, primadonna wedges

Two thrifting around trips with the shopaholic aunt resulted to the acquisition of this pair of trousers that could be as close to the pinstriped manly trousers I'm forever on the lookout for but still not quite. I figured the latter would be perfect with pretty, loosely draped tanks. Sadly, even this Bench tank isn't the right draped one of my dreams. I'm still mentally beating myself up for not getting a large or an extra-large (if the latter existed) variant of this thing. Suffice it to say, I'm pretty...not so into this outfit combo I have on today. 
As for the Primadonna wedges...a quick, random story: I've come to the conclusion they're not the most comfortable for long walks when I used them to tromp around the Ayala mall area of Cebu City with family and friend/s last year. Never. Again. The wedges are just too thin so the stable support just isn't there. I wasn't able to last minute-ly pack a pair of flats on a bag (I think I only had a clutch back then) used to dress up fancily for a graduation ceremony of a family friend/foster older brother that was followed later, post-graduation ceremony, by cavorting around Cebu's massive Ayala mall...
Ah, I promised myself, mostly that I would be sticking to a light and airy mostly white and pastel----dusty rose/pink, blush or the lightest of pinks and maybe some peach is mostly my limit where that color palette is concerned but I'd bring in a few orange, yellow and icy blue from time to time---but the really moody weather hasn't been permitting me to do so. We've been dealing with some rain and mostly cloudy days since two weeks ago around here and mid- to late- March, all of April and even May are supposed to be sunny, really dry and humid summer months. I' on that when the weather permits, but for now, I'll still be wearing some blacks and charcoal from time to time.
....and I finally have something I can alternate with an age-old pair of trouser-like-leggings from SM Department Store's GTW line. GTW does really functionally good pieces that are pocket-friendly for the fashion forward/fashion conscious frequently. It's a local line I can easily count on. I'm sure my local country(wo)men would pretty much say the same. I'm really more of a trousers/leggings/skirts person than a jeans one, evidence being that I have very little of the latter in the wardrobe. I blame the local climate and recently very moody weather.

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