Saturday, April 8, 2017

summer 2017

What it's looking like for this really sunny summer season's (and quite possibly this whole year's?!) wardrobe. A whole lot of whites, creams, spots of dusty rose/pink and of course, I don't think I can ever leave out black...I just can't bring myself to...oh and denim. Speaking of the sizeable denim cut-offs and shorts I've managed to amass all these years...I could technically devote one rack for those all the while building up an equally sizeable often times silk button-ups (I have two or three but I'll think about adding a few more on random trips to thrift stores I do so sparsely these days...). This season is looking a tad bit dreamy-ish for me thanks to white dresses/pieces anonymous as well. Dreamy stuff I've in stock from Emoda from a couple or so years ago might also be brought in sometime soon so... I do want to have a sizeable edgy stash to alternate that dreamy look/s with however. One day soon, I think.

The almost half a century (I'm probably exaggerating, I don't know either...), ankle zipped jeans from Target is graying and becoming more and more well-worn. I don't plan on re-dyeing it black as I actually am liking the fading color. I think I like it when jeans actually age on their own. I feel the same for denim cutoffs/shorts. The more vintage-looking they are despite still looking as timeless due to classic design/cuts, the better. Basically like aged wine/alcohol for anyone with prime tastes on those---I wouldn't know, I think it was over a couple months ago or so I actually had something alcoholic (wine) and if you notice the mudshake vodka bottle---it was from last year's Christmas get together with two bestest?/closest gal pals---in some of the photos...the content is just water, I'm using the bottle as a water container/bottle, I probably should do something about cleaning it off of its label/s but it's the least of my priorities as of the moment.  

A package came from the US from the grandmum yesterday and as expected, I received a few things...notably one denim shortalls I'm currently puzzling over how to style but might manage with the lot of tanks I have. Summer appropriate styling, yes. Yeah, it's because this is often a scenario here and even when I'm out and about that I have deemed shopping to recently be a chore. What literally is the point when I get stuff from family anyway? Hah. Nah...I'm really thankful they do send me stuff although most of those don't really seem to fit in with my current style/personal preferences. Instances like these keep me from having to go shopping more frequently to fill in what I feel to be gaps in the current wardrobe. I don't detest shopping (I've been a sober shopaholic/retail therapy-addict since a couple or so years ago now) but I'd always say/think: fashion >>>>>>>>> shopping, anytime. Seriously though, I've never been the trendy-fashionista my aunts, lady cousins are for some reason. 

In other news...mostly sports because I was just paying about 1/4th attention to the UAAP season 79 men's volleyball game between UST (the University of Sto. Tomas) and FEU (Far Eastern University), I feel ripped off how the first game which was what I was really looking forward to the most to watch first thing this glorious Saturday morning (weekend, figures...I'd be couch potato-ing in front of the tv then...) was never aired in lieu of the second game by the local sports channel. It was the decider ADMU-NU game that determined the step-ladder format this season's semis is on for the volleyball men's sporting event of UAAP season 79. Bum-mer. /guh...huff. Still, yes to my boys making it to the finals! And they're going to wait for about 3-4 weeks to find out who they're against with in the finals. This season for volleyball men in the UAAP (collegiate games in Luzon/NCR specifically) is looking pretty bright/good. I think my twitter timeline on the fangirling account, the one I'm frequently on, has now become a sports-related account. Heh. I'll get back to talking entertainment, mostly jpop in 3...2...hopefully soon.  

Also, according to my fixation to figure skating, men's: Shoma Uno's Legends SP performance for the Eric Bompard trophy is still the best of what I've seen of this SP. It's also his best Short Program I've seen to date since debuting in the senior level for figure skating. His skating is just entrancing...enthralling---echoing the sentiments of the commentators for B. ESP on this event: 'I could watch him skate all day..." Yes, yes, yes, YES! I could! (On that note, I probably should check out other young skaters like Jin Boyang but...I don't know either. I kind of am scared or I don't know what to expect from other skaters after becoming an Uno Shoma fan where this sporting event is know...that feeling... only on and off or casual figure skating/sports/sporting fans would probably understand this, haha.) 

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