Wednesday, April 12, 2017

bathing in morning light

 dress, button-up (worn as jacket/overcoat) and laced-up ankle boots are all vintage.

I did say this summer was going to go all light in terms of dressing up.This is probably the most consistent I'll be almost all summer long. We'll see in the coming few weeks if I'll stick to this color palette...most likely, I will, one way or another. 

This is probably the third time I've worn this dress and posted of it on this blog. The other two times in the past I did, I'd covered it with a loose t (the Zara 'I'm from LA' graphic/text one) and the other, with a dreamy Emoda top, two of which I own from seasons ago, shipped from Japan thanks to FromJapan. There're really no direct shipping around Asia for things from other countries so proxy shopping sites are the way to go when one wants to get stuff from other Asian countries. I guess it's alright, though. Proxy shopping sites aren't that bad until you end up with sky-high bills due to shipping and handling fees among others. I guess the way around something like this would be to shop wisely. Something I've been doing for the a couple of years or so now.

The dress is perfect for hot sunny days of working from home, a couple of hours or so before leaving to do life stuff...oh and for lounging around when you get home. I feel as cozy in it as I did yesterday's get-up. This just proves when you're in a crazy hot country, less, really light clothing works wonders around the insane high heat temperatures. As for the latter, it's never really reached dessert in the middle east hot but it's come close. Hopefully the heat doesn't get any higher.

Anyway, wearing all vintage shouldn't be a crime, right? Right. Although mixing brands with vintage frequently is more preferable to the fashion- or style-conscious, something so religiously sworn by many fashionistas/fashion experts.  

So apparently, I have a new-old clutch. This bag was never really meant to contain heavy items inside it but I stuff my rose water spray/face refresher on it a lot along with other things including lipbalm, tissues and pens and carry it around when I go out... Well, the end result of heavy items being in the bag numerous times? One strap of it broke. I could've easily got to a shop that repairs bags to fix the damage but I thought it would be faster to use the scissors and snipe off the other end of the long strap so the bag could still be useful as a clutch. I do have very few spacey clutch bags for...well...stuff. I wouldn't mind getting a new-old one like this I could continue to stuff heavy and light things on inside them. Plus, I don't have to actually go out looking for a spacey, larger than usual (oversized) clutch this way. The bag isn't that oversized to begin with, unlike a couple of those messenger ones I own. It's just...I guess, perfect for random errand running here and there.

Here, below is how the bag looked like with one strap off, right before I used the scissors (also captured in said photo) to snipe off its other end

I haven't actually decided what the strap can be used for... I'll think about it...

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