Wednesday, April 5, 2017

dinner date get-ups and a little catch-up on some things figure skating

 1. secondhand Nike jacket, kohl's (? I don't remember anymore though...) t-dress, CLN wedges, gifted (by aunt) bag; 2. vintage dress; 3. vintage suede jacket, tally weijl dress.

The bag and wedges were on repeat the whole of last week...well...for a total of 3 times at least, all with different dresses to go with because I couldn't bring myself to wear anything that wasn't a skirt or a pair of shorts thanks to the recently acquired knee injury while tromping around the city center with the aunt one day the week before. In flats, as I wore flats that fated day, I seem to be accident prone...not so much on the heels so I might as well start reacquainting myself with everything heels. It might help me minimize the pavement accidents I'm so prone to.

This week, thanks to the figure skating post on ohnotheydidnt, I went on a youtube-watching spree on everything male figure skating from the recently concluded World Championships (held in Helsinki) to others I've missed years and years ago. Well, not five to then years ago at least. The last time I was into figure skating, it was thanks to the ladies: Tara Lapinski and Michelle Kwan were my favorites. Now, I'm into male figure skating events/competitions thanks to Uno Shoma and sometimes, Hanyu Yuzuru. I'm not much of a Yuzu-fan---his fandom turns me off mostly---but I like Shoma...a lot. There's just something about him that is different from the other skaters...ah...I'm not sure either. I'm not even very good at figure skating specs/technicalities. Well...yeah.  

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