Sunday, March 26, 2017

camiguin island day 2 photo diary

 cousin and my photos

....drove around Camiguin Island on day 2. Not much dipping in the hot springs (Ardent, probably my favorite type of spring in this region...) and visiting Mantigue Island for a quick dip in the sea was done on this trip. Day one was a visit to Phivolcs however. The latter had me relive I once dreamed of being a volcanologist---mostly inspired by the late-ish 90s movie, Dante's Peak (which also featured the 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo up in the northern part of Luzon). At the end of the trip, I promised myself to come back one day soon and stay at the Ardent Hot Springs Resort (their nightly rates are pretty cheap/affordable, I promise!!) and bumming the next day or so at Mantigue Island just because...well, I missed doing that. The island has plenty of cold springs but having been taken to those one too many times, I've gotten tired of them and I'm never really good with cold water bathing/dipping anyway.

Tuasan falls isn't really that much visited by people yet. That honor goes to Katibawasan falls. The ruins above are of the old church ruins by a cliff. It's beautifully green all around and the walls look really an old architectural genius way. It's definitely a very photogenic place. As for the topmost photo...on breakfast that day, I managed to catch the early morning sun as the cabana breakfast area we were in was by the sea. ....stayed at the Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin Island. It's expensive, so for backpackers of which I often am or frequently identify with looking to save money on island tropical trips like this, I wouldn't advise checking in on there. I think Ardent Hot Springs would be a better place to check in on as aside from the cheap/affordable price, it's also close to the city/town of Mambajao---close to known food restaurants/sources and other such establishments---and the hot spring's pools are just within the vicinity making a late night dip on them convenient when one wants to relax after a day of going around the island's tourist sites and nearby islands hopping and beach bumming/swimming. The resort is also a bit up into the mountain/s so it's cooler there at night as well.  

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