Thursday, March 16, 2017

rain shower, slits and JJ Abrams' Cloverfield

 t, h&m. skirt, ebayed Laundry by Shelli Segal. hoodie, vintage anne klein. boots, zalora.

What I ended up wearing today because it was cloudy then sunny then cloudy again with scattered summer rain showers. Is anyone getting tired of these boots? Well, I am. Sadly, I don't have a lot of heeled boots similar to this to alternate pairs with. I'm working on getting another pair, however. I'll eventually get there. Meanwhile, as of late, I seem to be abusing this pair one too many times now. I tromped around the city's Divisoria on this in a mini-skirt and t combo while running errands. There weren't too many stares from people but it's probably because this pair looks pretty boring outside of the block heels. So maybe when I get even more insane pairs of boots like maybe the Kurt Geigers I have been drooling over at Zalora...let me mull over it... But I do swear I have other ankle boots, mostly non-heeled and one pair that's 5-inch tall in stiletto heel form, on rotation with this one.

The slits are what made me fall for this skirt when I saw it on ebay... So Xena the Warrior Princess-like?

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Right when Hunter x Hunter on Animax ended, I was able to catch the JJ Abrams produced scifi found footage film, Cloverfield on HBO. I know I'm really late discovering this film, my reason being that I'm not too updated with mainstream and indie film releases. I'm not a regular cinema-goer and I definitely do not check on new film releases on an almost daily basis. But hmn...this has got to change, probably, but I've seen more disappointing films being aired in the cinemas than ones I actually really like and ardently wait for upon hearing news of them being aired in cinemas worldwide soon so I'd really rather not risk it. I...I'm not all too happy with spending money on tickets to films I actually end up disliking...and even those that are just so-so for me... That said, I only go to cinemas at least once or twice a year. But back to topic, Cloverfield. Okay, I am now questioning myself: how did I miss this?! This film is so, so, so good. It's, in my book, a sci-fi-ed Blair Witch Project that's been upped a notch (quality-wise), done even better. ....what else would one---sci-fi, psychological thriller, crime/true crime, and even action film/tv/literature buff---expect from a JJ Abrams produced film?! Nothing less than good to near-perfect, yes. He did give us two superb Star Trek films that I stan hard (never mind that I'm not much of a Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan as in general, I've never really been a Cumberbatch fan...), and of course, that recently released Star Wars film. You could say sci-fi is JJ Abrams' forte as much as sci-fi, often-times children's fantasy is Steven Spielberg's. To clear any question that may rise around why I am a Star Trek stan more than a Star Wars fangirl like the majority...I'm not even really a die hard Trekkie, just a casual one. I think I just like the idea of being able to operate high tech equipment in outer-space travel and space itself. So Star Wars...I just never really got into the franchise.  
Cloverfield in a nutshell: party in NYC, then some alien makes it to Central Park no less and rampages thereby killing a huge fraction of people living there, and plunging the Big Apple to just utter chaos all around. I compare this film to the Blair Witch Project because they are of the same kind, they just differ in genre. Cloverfield, like the Blair Witch Project is a found film type. It is just sci-fi while BWP is horror and supernatural combined. I'm pretty sure you've seen these kinds of film, if I'm not mistaken, Paranormal is another of this kind. However, what I like about this more than the other found footage or film types I've seen is that it goes full circle with its ending clip. I don't think the others in this type of film have accomplished such a feat as Cloverfield has. I wasn't able to see the whole film as I wasn't able to catch the very beginning of it---thanks to Hunter x Hunter and before that, a couple episodes of Golden Time on Animax---but I'm definitely planning to watch it whole should I catch it as a lunch feature or presentation on HBO or something similar. 
This film made JJ Abrams one of my favorite director-producers along with Christopher Nolan (the Dark Knight trilogy, The Prestige, and Inception has me hooked on anything this one does/comes out with). Sorry, but not that much sorry, I am not your regular person pretending to be eccentric stanning directors like Tim Burton or James Cameron (I couldn't bring myself to like Avatar, to be honest) and other...well, 'eccentric' arts figures in the pop world. But I'm proud of being someone who gets so, so excited by slice of life, psychological thrillers, crime/true crime, southern gothic, sci-fi, action, thriller, some fantasy, horror and even supernatural. Just something about these genres named here get to me somehow. Hence...why I just had to blab about JJ Abrams' Cloverfield on here.
I'm definitely keeping an eye out on everything Abrams and Nolan come out with. I may now have found two directors slash producers I can stick to that I know won't disappoint me with every film they are heavily attached to.    

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