Sunday, March 12, 2017

susto manila's pretty black pieces

....because, apparently, I can't sleep...yet and it's already 15 minutes to 3 a.m. in this side of the world...

I'm kind of surprised that a local line, susto manila, could come up with black pieces worthy of living the weekend nights in whether clubbing, bar hopping, and/or partying. The dresses and this one skirt are very detailed too. The third dress on the first row gives me the feel of something Anthony Vaccarello, currently of Yves Saint Laurent, would create. That or Alexander Wang would...yeah...I'm not sure either. The first dress on the second row however comes to me as a replica of an Express holiday collection dress from a couple or so seasons ago. Anyway, my favorites are one, the middle of detailed tube dress of the first row; second, the last tube dress that's still on the first row; third, the bodycon mini with the mesh details in the middle of the second row; and the skirt on the last part of what is still the second row. In sum, I'd probably end up getting 2/3rds of this selection from susto manila.  

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