Thursday, March 2, 2017

pretty sure i can get away with this one day

 knee-high boots and top, f21; leggings, random
It's still a tad bit humid - typical characteristic of cold, cloudy all-day way weather down in the tropics - although cloudy (it rained this morning). But tonight will be pretty cold like the nights before this. Kind of weird...I dunno...this isn't typical early March weather and temperatures here. Usually, it gets sunnier and hotter at this time of the year granted, we only really have two seasons: the rainy and the sunny-hot (since a couple years ago or so, extremely hot but not middle east countries intolerable desert hot). 

Isn't this outfit giving you Olsen vibes? Yeah...I'm not all sure either. But I bet I can get away with going out in this one day should the day's temperatures and weather/mood permit. The boots blend in with the black (if you squint for a closer look, shiny) leggings so I'm pretty sure people will think I'm wearing regular footwear out and not the knee-high kind. This area of the world, aside from being out of the fashion radar, is...should I say...judgemental of the obvious out-of-the-norm pieces in daily outfits often not seen out in the streets here. I'll take note of how appropriate this looks like however and how people will probably not be staring at my footwear of choice should I decided to one day go out in this...err...get-up.

Anyway, all things random that went on this week: the Oscars - I want to watch Moonlight, that's pretty much all I got from the bits and pieces of it I've seen on HBO Asia. I did watch the red carpet for a bit but I couldn't, somehow, keep my mind and eyes on it. Not sure if I just don't really care for what celebrities there are wearing, which designer they had their dresses made or I just have really short attention span for everything red carpet save for the Grammy's. Jpop fandom: it escaped me how Dream5 have been disbanded at the start of this year. This is probably around the same time Ito Chiaki left her jpop group, AAA. Sad start of the year all around for this one? Not much...really. Da-iCE did have their Budokan 17 days into this still sort of new year and lol's released a digital single. SOLIDEMO is still around. Despite those two rather disappointing things in the jpop fandom end, it's still a pretty good year for it, I think. 

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