Friday, March 10, 2017

something simple for today

 t, secondhand. shorts, levis. belt, vintage. pumps, zalora. bag, gifted (by aunt). cross necklace (long), f21.

Something simple today as this Friday late afternoon is for catching up on yesterday's missed UAAP men's football on local TV. ADMU (Ateneo de Manila University) is playing against the Far Eastern University men's football team. A little story about my love story with the men's football games: apart from being of it in the international scene (thank you, World Cup 2002 in Japan/Korea!), I always made sure to cover the university's (CdeO's own Ateneo, Xavier Uni) men's football games during the intramurals/uni sports fest for the student or school paper. This was for the intrams/sports fest issue, of course. There's just something about men's football that gives me thrills inside...although, of course, a small portion of it is just the cute guys on the field. 
As for this outfit...yeah...I don't really prescribe much to the t, shorts and pumps formula...much. Redundant, I know. But yes, I'm the type to swap the pumps with a pair of ankle boots on my way out. This might work for some lunch, coffee or casual dinner date, however. Or maybe a random beach trip which I have yet to do with friend/s or so. Or a movie date but I'd end up covering the legs with some opaque tights beforehand granted the movie theaters does get cold. Speaking of movies...I'm pretty bummed I missed A Cure for Wellness. I'm a mild Dane Dehaan err...admirer. I really, really liked Dane's acting in the last the Amazing Spider Man film I sort of forgot Andrew Garfield existed.   

Funny how similar this outfit is to this, here. This contents of this blog is fast becoming a repetition of things apparently. Which is something easy to figure out as I haven't really bought anything new in what...? About three or so months now? Nope, nothing new since around late last year in the clothing department. By the next few months into this year, I'll have blogged 99% of my closet here and probably would've bought zero things new even then. I'll update the wardrobe some other time, I guess. Clothes just lately seem to be the lowest in my priorities to get as of late. This doesn't, of course mean that I'll abstain from getting basics here and there. I still have a weakness for all things Bench Ph/TM basics.

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