Tuesday, March 14, 2017

two as one

 photos by Candice Calonia
slip dress, urbanoutfitters (out from under). silk top/shirt used as jacket, vintage. boots, zalora. fedora, jessica simpson.

Things came up today that made shooting a couple outfits at the bff's village's basketball court and clubhouse grounds impossible but we still had fun catching up and talking random things we usually end up doing anyway whenever we're together (because apparently, we're insane like that...). The day didn't go to waste anyway because these still turned out nice which were shot close to her place, on our way out to get chai tea latte for me and taro milk tea for her at our favorite hangout place by Grand City Hotel, Chinkeetea. We might as well establish that place as a base for the two of us one day. Haha.
I suppose it's time to look for another better location for shoots. There's really not a lot of those here. Maybe on a trip to an island or some other next time. We should have one planned for summer because, well, it's summer and dips in bodies of water, especially the sea is a heavy requirement...rather standard operating procedure.

This Friday? Movie date to Beauty and the Beast although I'm highly skeptical of Emma Watson's singing prowess in a movie musical of this production scale/size. I only probably liked Emma in the Harry Potter series, her fashion-related campaigns, and her The Bling Ring (well, I am a Sofia Coppola stan...film buffs would understand this). Also, I'm not much of a feminist (I'm an egalitarian and humanitarian by general...err...self-labeling)...okay, slightly, so I find some of her feminist advocacy quite...err...I don't know...disagreeable? Or something like it anyway. In sum, I'm not a huge Emma fan despite having grown to love a lot of Harry Potter. Bff and I will wing this Beauty and the Beast film date by this friday then...I suppose. I'm more just a tag along at this affair than anything, anyway.

Do I need to explain the post title? I currently have Da-iCE's Two as One track playing on the itunes player. Also, the boys and I have similar outfit color schemes on this post and the Next Phase album's (where Two as One can be heard/listened to from) cover so... 

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