Wednesday, March 8, 2017

yesterday, part two

 photos by Candice Calonia

vest, old navy. dress, vintage. heels, zalora. headband, i don't really remember anymore...

The bff and I braved the strengthening rain out for this shoot. Basically, this is part of yesterday's post. Oh, and the umbrella is a purchase from Daiso that I rarely do bring out due to how delicate it feels to me. I used to have one with the similar make and feel in the blue handle color from Multipy (may that site RIP) eons ago. That one disintegrated after a handful of uses, too. I'm sure this one will follow suit soon. This is handy on rainy days but I doubt it would hold up on stronger ones as in those that accompany storms that regularly visit this part of the country...rather, the world. Anyway...uhmn...I like how boho-y and somewhat dreamy but still tough this looks? Yeah...I don't really know much either.
I just realized I talked about the umbrella 3/4ths of this post in where the text is concerned, hah...

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