Friday, March 3, 2017

dressing down a romper

 romper, zalora. hoodie, secondhand anne klein. boots, zalora (rubi - cotton on). bag, sr squared by sonda roberts

The romper...I wore around all day due to the humid but a tad bit cold and cloudy day. The hoodie...I accidentally smeared some Human Heart Nature cream lipstick in Coral Charm (their version of nude) on one of its sleeves while trying to apply the thing with my using the lipstick brush I got from Watsons eons ago. I can be quite clumsy. It's an acquired habit since young, unfortunately. But the smear on the sleeve of the hoodie probably can be taken off by washing it, I suppose.  

One thing I love about this romper is it's pretty easy to dress up and down. Hoodie and ankle boots? Dressing down. Hoodie and wedges? A bit dressed up but still not quite as in exhibit B here below with CLN wedges:

Anyway, a little something to remember 7-member AAA by since Ito Chiaki has left it as of the start of this year due to pregnancy:
This song is just so much love and the album of the same title as well. 'nuff said. 

I've seen 6-member AAA and it works too but I think I'll keep missing seeing the group having two girls. Plus the saddest thing about Chiaki leaving this year is that there was a planned MisaChia (Uno Misako, Ito Chiaki)tour that ended up being scrapped. The album does have two tracks I love that were sung by both of them. I suppose, on AAA's tour this year, it'll only be Misako singing both songs. Yep, sad indeed.

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