Thursday, April 20, 2017

max laziest

slip, vintage. clutch, gifted by aunt. boots, zalora. long necklace, forever21. arm bangles, dumaguete city souvenir shop and vintage.

In my max laziest outfit, as in the one type of dress I'd pull on when spending a day at home or coming home from school or work... It's also something I would go out in just with the added blazer like the one in here:

I think it's safe to say that slipdresses can make appropriate roaming-around-outside-during-the-day or -night dresses when done right. The bit of slipdresses I own are getting more use as of late---doesn't matter if it's just for staying home or going out to get stuff at the convenience store close by or some other...

And music for the day...something pretty relaxing and empowering (-ish) in the most introspective way at the same time---somehow I have this song on repeat on my windows media player on some pretty lull, chill days:

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