Monday, April 17, 2017

that old white dress from multiply days

 dress, from multiply (I think...I don't remember anymore, haha). boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora. leaf necklace, forever21.

Other times, a dreamy white dress and a pair of ankle boots would suffice. It's an alright look as long as there's a pop of rosegold somewhere, say on a wrist, and silverware around the neck as well.
It's so, so humid today but otherwise, still a lovely day all around. I enjoy heat like this, thank you very much.

Today's mood music? SOLIDEMO's Happiness because one has got to feel happy no matter what, I think.
So my favorite Jpop band, Da-iCE, is close to releasing a new single now. The World Team Trophy for figure skating (I'm likely only watching the individual/singles men division, as usual...both SP and FS/LP) is in about three much things to look forward to so far. I am ecstatic over everything! I think I've actually forgotten I was following a police procedural kdrama on TVN every Monday or Friday. I have other things to do other than that however so I guess that can wait. I haven't even caught up to new episodes of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. I already have them, I just haven't really sat down to watch them...yet. I'll do that...maybe later this week. I'm not sure yet. 

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