Wednesday, October 26, 2016

white, dusty pink...and military green

mock neck top from bangkok (from mum), Mags shorts, CLN wedges, random socks and bag, aizilim necklaces, forever21 filigree cuff and cat ears ring (not too visible in the photo), aizilim gem ring (not too visible in the photo)   

Sometimes I like to dress up really girly in white, off white or cream and dusty pink and pretend I'm just around Ginza, the posher, girlier part of really vast city, Tokyo. Was I able to get their style right? No? Yeah...I don't really know either.

with thrifted parka/hooded trench

And then there are times like this, when it was threatening to rain though still pretty hot and humid (typical oven-like temperatures in place like these that's only a few kilometers or so from the equator), I have to spring for the parka. It can be quite relieving to have this around when it's cold and raining. Especially when it's raining. It is raining hard tonight. I'm good at being redundant, yes. 

This bag is becoming a favorite since getting it from my aunt last Christmas. It's just the right amount of cute---since I can only tolerate cute in the smallest doses---and edgy black to complement some girly stuff in the closet and even those that aren't really that girly which, coincidentally, I own in large quantities. I dress too much like a tomboy...on an island I sometimes think to myself I should've been born a boy. But...I'm happier being a girl and having too many options for dressing (and especially high heeled ankle boots I'm currently thinking of acquiring soon) so...yes...there.  

Every female here must be a-buzz for H&M's opening tomorrow at Ayala Centrio. I'm going there with the bff and frequent hang out buddy and shopping buddy all-in-one to play, hence I'm sleeping early tonight.  

It's my camera stand that's having problems hence the photos where the backdrop is askew. I probably need to get a new one or something...hmn...

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