Friday, October 7, 2016

bye bye summer, hello stylish vision for fall/winter 2016 /17

(my collage)

What I'm currently thinking for the fall-winter season although fall/winter here in the tropics is all rain. I haven't been able to post any outfit shots this week due to it, rain. It rains in the afternoons lately this week.  

Yep, everything is from Zalora as when I'm not window shopping elsewhere for stuff---Forever21, UO, etc---I'm usually just settling for there. Zalora is actually a really convenient, one stop place online for me to shop stuff if I feel like my wardrobe needs updating. I also go there to window shop online to keep me from browsing shops in real time in the numerous malls we have here. I find malls, nowadays, a tad too crowded and it flares up my social anxiety issues. I'm not really very good with being around a lot of people as a natural-born introvert. I only go there now when I'm meeting with the best girl friend/s and maybe to watch movies but for anything else except may when accompanying the mum to the occasional sunday trip to the houseware section of a department store and the grocery store there...I don't really wander into clothing, shoes and bags stores there anymore much lately. Some of my favorite stores---What a Girl Wants, cue me, crying rn--- have closed down anyway so sometimes, I don't see the point of going. 

Shopping habits-wise...I haven't been shopping as much lately either. Before, when I stayed in Dumaguete City for school, thrifting was a norm. I frequently went when I'm done with school stuff that I find stressful. I went almost every other day or every weekend but I never bought anything as frequently either, I just go there to browse mostly. Lately, as there's little access here to those that carry good vintage finds, I hardly really go anymore. The last time I bought something from Zalora was a month ago or so. Before last month's purchase, I think my last purchase was when I came back from a Cebu trip around April or May. Last time I shopped from any mall boutique or the department stores...I don't really remember anymore. I've been more about investing on more versatile pieces lately, I'd rather buy things I could wear in whatever way possible than impulse buy whatever I can get my hands on or find wherever I am...although...I usually don't really have anything in mind I need and want to buy when I go online store browsing or window shopping in the mall/s or even the thrift store. Shopping online or offline at least twice or thrice a year is enough for me. If I could even go with shopping just once a year, I'd be good, even. I'd like to think I have a pretty good handle on my spending on most days. I'd rather spend most money now on traveling or something else much more useful. But don't get me wrong, I still do love fashion and everything about it, clothes, shoes, bags etc.

It's a dark colored palette for me this latter half of the year but I'm not exactly sure why. Haha. I guess they were the things that attracted me in the online store, Zalora. I've been dressing in lighter colors during the day however, as it is eternally sunshiney here unless the skies threaten to rain, then it's gloomy, dark-ish until the late afternoon and night time. I suppose it's a sign that sunny summer, my favorite season, has passed. Also, I've been feeling really cold lately. I woke up cold tonight from a quick nap from the late afternoon until the early evening. Hmn...faux leather biker jacket; trivial but yeah, yummy (?) velvet dress---the u-back detail is really, really good, though; black crocodile leather detail boots; and a random silver heels for going into parties to brighten up the dark-ish palette...yes, yes and yes. The shawl cape, I can picture being used in the mountains when I get the chance to go there somehow. I'm not sure when, haha. I've been itching to go however and to the hotsprings and beach as well. I know, crazy that I want to go there when it's been raining more and more, right? I mean it's not exactly summer anymore but an escape elsewhere but the city would still really be so, so nice these days. It should be enough to keep anyone (especially me) from getting too depressed. In my case, I've been known (mostly by myself) to get season depression at this time of the year so a trip somewhere else sunnier is always a welcome distraction for me. 

It's a good thing I have SOLIDEMO's Orange track to keep me perked up these days. It's a recent release. Such a feel good sunshiney summer track along with Da-iCE's Paradive one. Thank heavens for really good summery stuff from the favorite all-male jpop groups to carry me through the rainy seasons at least until early next year or so.


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