Friday, October 14, 2016

2/4ths ribbed

(my photos)

sea blue tally weijl zip-up ribbed sweater; diy bleached bettina ribbed tank; forever21 gold stem heeled/stiletto ankle boots and arrow necklace; ninewest bag; aizilim rings and necklaces  

Ideal outfit for a mostly gloomy day like today. It rained for a bit after this was taken. It's beautiful weather for the tropics and I know a lot of people like this kind that isn't really too hot and sunny. I'm more a fan of the latter. For me, personally, the hotter and sunnier the day is, the better it is. Just make sure to be armed with sunscreen if it's that kind of day, however.

Loving this Tally Weijl sweater dad picked up when he was in Germany early this latter half of the year. The length of the sleeves does it for me. Definitely really useful to wear with slip dresses, tank dresses and more. Considering the barrage of every incarnation of blue in this blog lately, yes, I'm a huge fan of the color/shade. It's my favorite right up there with black and white, gray and brown or everything neutral and earthy. 

And yes, I had my hair re-bleached yesterday. I'm considering a third and a fourth bleach session maybe in the next two months to get the lightest blonde I can get. I notice it's skewing towards the orangey side here so hopefully the purple toner can fix that with the random, drugstore anti-dandruff (Guard) shampoo I use every 2 or 3 days or so in the coming few weeks.

24-25 PhP (Philippine peso) sheer black tights...I can never get enough of. I tend to end up purchasing one or two pairs from whatever department stores that carry them to keep in the bag for emergency wear when going out in shorts or mini-skirts. Really cheap, really handy to have on the go, anytime, anywhere. I think some Watsons branches carry them, too. The runs on this pair makes the outfit grungy fun enough as if the tie-dyed ribbed tank doesn't give enough edge to it already. 

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