Monday, October 10, 2016

vintage almost everything

vintage hot topic shirt, belt and (from mum) bag; forever21 shorts; primadonna wedges; secondhand watch ring; random rings; aizilim necklaces 

I have so few shoulder bags of the huge, spacious kind. This one from mum is one of about two, I think.  And a lot of the huge spacey bags I have are sling bags...including the really almost microscopic ones I use most days of the week when going out. Still, I hardly ever really use this one as the tote bags often are the ones to get much use for their convenience and the huge space they offer that beats this one's.

The ring watch totally doesn't work anymore. It's from an aunt so it's only worth wearing decoratively. I'm not too fond of watches of the working/functioning kind for some reason.

Random music talk: last night was listening to Rachel Platten's Wildfire album/record. Her Lonely Planet is officially a personal favorite. Today's is Halsey's BADLANDS record's. I'm usually a fan of electro/synth-pop like Halsey's work/s but I do like me some regular soul/r&b-type/hinted pop music, too like Platten's.

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