Thursday, May 18, 2017


dress/top, vintage. belt, vintage chanel. leggings, forever21. wedges, CLN. bag, apt 9 (via Kohls). bangles/bracelets, vintage and forever21. choker, verano ph (via zalora). 

I'm weak to pieces that can be worn in multiple ways, and in the lightest colors. Most likely, one, it's because this island seems to be in the perpetual summer sunny day state 365 days a year and two, wearing dark colors just doesn't seem to fit such days around here...and in tropical places by default. And so, such is the case of this thing. It's such an easy thing to dress up and dress down---I've worn it with just shorts at some point too and as a dress although definitely a short one (I'm not a stripper so I wouldn't attempt this when going out and prefer to wear a pair of shorts with this thing when doing so...). And I guess, easy to wash or take care of as it seems to be made of silk or a mix of it and a few other kinds of fabric. Note that I tend to handwash these things delicate more than use the washing machine. At home, we actually don't own one---a washing machine. It's hardly really needed in this side of the world unless one has a load of laundry to do every week or so. I actually like to re-wear some pieces day in and day out until I think they should be thrown into the laundry---I see nothing wrong in doing so. This works two ways for me: one, it ensures the longevity of clothes I own (frequent washing is known to easily wear down clothing) and two, it keeps me from having a load of laundry to do on a weekly or once in two weeks basis.

Also, I have this fantasy of owning little else in due time, in the style I like the most, that I am also the most comfortable with, and doing all sorts of creative things with that number of clothing (in the wardrobe) for every purpose in life: travel and other just everyday things. I don't know...I'm an aspiring minimalist with a very summery wardrobe, I guess. ....and such is the theme of this blog as I actually meant it to be since starting it. I'm sort of obsessed with the less is more idea although it may seem I hardly live it or put it to practice.

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