Monday, May 15, 2017

cozy for a rainy summer's day

 dress/tunic, h&m. boots, rubi by cotton on (via zalora). purse, coach. arm bangles, vintage and souvenir shop. 

Monday, today, started pretty weird for me. I'm not entirely sure what's with this day but things just came But anyway, something pretty comfortable in something close to gray and icy, dusty blue today. I think this H&M number is more of a tunic than a dress as it's too short on the front but I like wearing it as a dress somehow. Especially when it's just so, so humid sans this late-ish afternoon's rain.  I've worn this out to an anniversary dinner of some family friend, I think. I can't really recall anymore but this was something dad brought over from Taiwan or Hongkong. Even that, I cannot really remember anymore. He doesn't really shop for women's clothing...I think that's more me and my mum's department but he tends to have others get these things for him when he's out on business trips and he's out in one now so I kind of hope I get something from Paris? (Their plan is to go Prague then Paris then Germany so...) I wish...haha.

Last week, I felt pretty off so there was no blog entry at all. I was attempting a few I guess but nothing came up nicely as this one. My brain was in a sort of stump that all I accomplished was hardsubbing the english subs on the kdrama, Tomorrow with You and rewatching season 3 of 3 Meals a Day: Fishing Village (Deukryang...? I don't really know much about South Korea and the islands there...much). I'm not usually a fan of anything South Korean but these two...I liked so far. I'm avoiding Goblin and am not too invested on Legend of the Blue Sea that are both currently airing in the local/national channel dubbed in the national language so it's just Tomorrow with You for me on the South Korean drama side and the remake of Kimi wa Petto (Shison Jun~ Yes~) and Code Name Mirage (Kiriyama Renn *insert all the hearts here for this guy, because I just really love him*) for the Japanese dorama side. I'm slowly getting back into the jdorama swing although I'm still being really, really picky where that's concerned. I never really cared for kpop music-wise (I still can't bring myself to care...haha) so I'm back to the lol, SOLIDEMO, Da-iCE, Vimclip, AAA, and FlowBack listening train. SOLIDEMO's Further mini-album is pretty solid and outside, of like, two tracks on there, I'm pretty attached to Happiness and Sail Away...but mostly, Happiness, I guess. I don't think I'll ever get out of the jpop music loving rut I've stuck myself on since I was in...around early college. It's been years after that and I'm still forever into Jpop. lol.

Anyway, today's music (recc)? Because I miss Vimclip (in my deepest depths of the heart, they haven't disbanded and I still love Eiki so much so...)  and I just love this track so much, too. It's giving me so much life sans the rain outside and the gloomy feel this late afternoon is exuding...haha.

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