Tuesday, May 23, 2017

shortalls and about a couple of swede ladies in pop music

 shortalls, cotton on. t, zara. boots, forever21. bag, vintage/old ninewest.

From last Saturday. The shortalls are proving to be an all-rounder...cozy something lately.

Tuesday. And it's really early in the morning. So I woke up today to checking out 19-year-old Swede, Zara Larsson's music which, surprisingly, I ended up liking. This is all thanks to my aimless wandering towards lol_avex's twitter timeline where I found a tweet saying they attended Zara's live in collaboration with H&M around Tokyo. What I found out about Zara is that So Good is a solid pop/dance pop album so far. When it comes to the Swede musicians and the ladies at that, I'm really more of a Tove Lo fan (hint: we're the same age, she's just really more brilliant music making-wise...not that I ever tried or attempted putting out some music covers, not really originals, outside of the youtube thing I did way, way back...) where pop music making---songwriting, beats creating and all---is concerned but Zara is definitely getting there and just at 19, she's quite a promising all-around pop music talent. She comes off as someone with a lot of potential at such a young age for me. She's not Tove Lo solid yet as a songwriter (Tove Lo is god-tier for me thanks to Queen of the Clouds which was utterly brilliant pop in my book although Lady Wood is just as good however...) but I can't wait to see how this girl, Zara grows up as an all-around pop musician like her predecessor, Tove Lo. I think she'll be a force to reckon with in the near future. Anyway, three of what I currently like from So Good:
Zara's So Good record is definitely bop-able. *insert heart-eyes emojis here...*

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