Saturday, May 6, 2017

shortalls and a couple of books for the summer reading list

 shortalls, cotton on. tank, diy from a random white t. heels, zalora. arrow necklace, forever21 (not visible in these photos much...). cuffs/arm bangles, vintage and dumaguete city souvenir shop finds.

What I cheered around in while watching the men's volleyball finals game 2 between the Ateneo de Manila University men's volleyball team and that of National University's. AMVT won, of course~ And I'm happy, content and all because of it. It's a good feeling to get at least decently dressed even when just watching a game being televised live on national TV.

How cool is it that this is AMVT's third championship in a row? And they managed to completely sweep this season's matches too! 16-0! There wasn't even any need to go on to a decider game three~ So basically, AMVT gave NUMVT a thrashing in about 4 games, two during the double round of eliminations and two in the finals. I hope they can continue this streak next year but without Rex Intal and Josh Villanueva who are graduating these year or already have graduated at least...I'm not so sure. Well, there are still the others like Marck Espejo and Ish Polvorosa. Also, the new players and less played people off the bench are pretty interesting. We have yet to see them play full games. It would be fun if season 80 is also AMVT's. The last two games of the men's volleyball event this noon/lunchtime and back in May 2 are games one would commit to memory for how good they were (5 really thrilling sets a piece/per game and almost the same outcomes). Definitely, AMVT is a highlight for me this year. I love the boys equally so I don't have a favorite player among them, in case anyone's going to ask.

....and yes, this is the slouchy shortalls I received from the aunts abroad, in America (specifically California). I can sort of see now many other tops to style this with. I'll get into that in the next few days, weeks or so.

I usually post more about music but this time around, it's the reading list. I've been meaning to actually finish White Oleander. It's a pretty sunny, still poetic light to mid-heavy read. I've seen its movie, too, but the book seems better (books always tend to be better than the movie adaptations anyway). I don't have all of Gossip Girl's yet but I imagine I have half of the series in my bookshelf already. I've been meaning to catch-up on reading all these before I even think of purchasing the next in the series through ebay or some other (the local book bargains store, Booksale). I'd carried these two books on the backpack along with some change of clothes when I attended the beach fun day with some short course classmates last Monday. With that said, they made my bag heavier... They make up for being good and pretty light beach readings though. 

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