Monday, May 22, 2017


 dress, vintage. boots, rubi by cotton on (via zalora). cuff/bracelet, forever21. 

A pretty lazy cocoon-ish dress for a rainy Monday afternoon in while working on the ebay (or attempting to, I'll be updating it today with stuff at least...). This dress is actually two-tone that goes a lighter brown on the back in reference to the darker brown in the front. Although two-tone is something I'm not so into, yet---I'll get around to it one day---this was just too cozy to let go of when I found it in a thrift store. The fabric is really smooth and soft and draped just loosely right everywhere. I like some unshapely dresses like this from time to time. It's definitely lazy wear appropriate around the house and possibly even out---will just have to wear something to keep the rain off of the inner layer like a coat, jacket or a cardigan, preferably something knitted yet still warm, should I go out in this today. Rain-proof footwear is required, too. It's still summer or should still be summer but I'm hearing that by the end of this month, the rainy season is starting. The latter seems coming in early this time of the year.'s time to get the anti-rain gear out and ready...

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