Wednesday, May 3, 2017

the comfiest top and dress

 top, secondhand/vintage. dress, target (xhilaration). heels, zalora. cross necklace, forever21. 

Luckily, it was a little bit cold today. Breezy. Just a really tiny bit breezy. Then came the short but voluminous downpour around 3 in the afternoon. It is one of those rainy summer days here in the southern part of the Philippines. Basically one of those days I'd probably be too afraid to go out in a pair of non-rain proof ankle boots or heels in lest I want them ruined by the rain and puddles of water on the streets. Knee-high -ish rain boots might be in order...I'll get to a pair soon-ish.

This is one of the coziest I can cull, rather, come up with, from the now pretty limited wardrobe that's perfect for not-so-hot (just mildly humid) summer days like today. It's also one of those that I can stand although the dress is floor-length. I'm not really into everything floor length (although I own another number, a skirt that's also in black from Topshop in Cebu City, that's also floor-length...), hence why I had to tie the top and dress on one side together to lift the dress's skirt higher. I wouldn't mind going out in this...I'll just need to swap the heels with a pair of rain-proof ankle boots or a pair of rain boots. The dress looks fine on its own considering it's a henley, racerback type. It's a great one-piece for a really, really easy casual wear anytime anywhere. The top is my favorite henley-like ribbed tank---one of the more draped, almost man/boyish that I own, and I don't own a lot although I'd likely want more of this variety---so I figured it would go well with the dress.

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