Tuesday, May 2, 2017

a lacey number

 dress, what a girl wants (shopwagw). boots, rubi by cotton on via zalora. clutch bag, gifted by aunt.

So I'm not really into lace---especially one with a collar unless maybe it is topped with a decent thin sweater/thermal in, say, coffee color or some other close to the white/cream shade---much but I'd go for it once in a while anyway. Such is the case of this dress from What a Girl Wants (back when the label still existed but now..../sighs...may it RIP...) worn the whole of today doing whatever. I actually bought this a couple or so years ago. It was a  last minute purchase for a wedding to attend in the metro (National Capital Region/NCR there, up north). I never got around to bringing it with me on the flight to the metro, city up north however as it arrived the day following that of when I departed via plane for the said vast and pretty chaotic (/shudder...that traffic, that noise and mess everywhere...) city up north. Thankfully, my mother packed a couple dresses I could choose from, from the wardrobe here in Cagayan de Oro City so I had something to wear to said wedding.

Today's activities consisted of watching a really thrilling and fun (it actually zapped all energy I had midway to the end...only to be replenished at the end, if that makes any sense at all...) 5-set finals volleyball game between the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) men's volleyball team and the National University men's volleyball team. It was the first game of the finals between teams 1 and 2 in the collegiate games' league. Best of three so the next game is on Saturday, still around lunch time, 12 noon. Of course, my boys...err...team (read: alma mater though technically, it's more of a sibling school as I finished college and high school in the Ateneo here in CdeO, not really the main one in Manila...) won. One big fight, boys! Let's do a threepeat! I hardly can't wait for Saturday as it's just, what? Three days away or so? There's also cooking a lunch of vegetarian tapa and making freshly squeezed orange, with honey in lieu of sugar as sweetener. I'm going to have to catch the rest of episode 11 of Signal and all of its 12th episode on Friday. Apparently, the second half of Signal 11th episode and all of its 12th episode conflicted with AMVT and NUVT's game 1 for the UAAP season 79 finals... Oh and just this afternoon, I had to climb a tree...I'm kidding. More like, climb a stool to try and get some moringa (malunggay/kalamunggay) leaves that still are pretty potent. Our tree of it outside is drying out thanks to the hot weather. The climb and the stretching to get some stems of the tree told me the dress is quite delicate. A stretch or something akin to a soft ripping sound was heard from the dress, which of course terrified me, when I reached out a limb to a cut a hanging stem from the tree.  I thought the dress would rip somewhere around the really short, almost non-existent sleeves it has. Thankfully, it did not or if it did, I have yet to see which part of it did. I suppose this dress is not suitable for semi hyperactive me---who danced the late afternoon away at the beach house/cottage while imitated by a fascinated 2-year old daughter of a short course classmate---when out and about. The theory that this dress is suited for such semi-vigorous activities such as dancing is yet to be tested.

There wasn't much to document of yesterday's beach trip. I didn't go swimming, just hung around, ate stuff (mostly fruits) and drank (water). It was fun hanging out with the classmates on a short course in school, however. Some chitchat about life here and there and intermittent reading of a Gossip Girl book series installment was done. Not much worth documenting because I ended up staining my white t and skirt combo all the while stayed mobile with a pair of really comfy but not too attractive? pink and gray World Balance flats (rubber shoes slip-ons). Not exactly the most exciting of outfits I've donned this start of the month. Anyway, I feel pretty short of beach trips, still. I kind of want more... Next time, swimming will be involved, of course. I'd like to slither into a pool again too...one day soon this summer season. Rather, one weekend soon.    

If I'd be shopping right, I'd be getting myself a couple pairs of shoes, rather ankle boots. This one pair I have is quite tired and tried already...in simpler terms, this has been seen many times on this blog. A few more packages arrived and from them, I just received a couple more H&M tops, one of which I'm ready to wear and shoot just as soon as it comes to me, fresh from the laundry. The other has lace around the sleeves/shoulder but is in the amount I can take (minimal lace?) and the color just fits my current color palette. So yeah...I'd avoid shopping as much as I can this year... Maybe including the next year. But I'd likely shop for shoes...heels and ankle boots are my weakness. As for clothes...let's just say that lately, I hardly really buy any. I've been receiving and owning way too much already from the aunts and grandmum in California.

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