Wednesday, December 7, 2016

button front skirt

 forever21 shirt and silver chain necklace, secondhand buttoned skirt, CLN wedges, apt 9 (via kohl's) bag, souvenir shop black shell bangles, from aunt yellow beaded necklace as bracelet, aizilim necklace and rings, smashbox (at Ayala Centrio) netted choker, random socks, vintage hammered bangle

The skirt is one of my most-prized secondhand/thrift finds because of the make of it. I wanted to sell it on ebay or include it to the items I am putting up there but after this, I'm on the verge of rethinking doing so though I hardly really wear it much compared to others I have. This thing is just teeming with so much potential after this experimentation for me right now. It works best with a boyshort but I suppose patterned tights will work well with it too. It is sort of high-waist so when shirts are tucked into it, it looks like it's banded around the waist. It's also the least basic with the buttons in front black skirt I own at this time. On the other hand, after so many isolated wears and washes, it seems this f21 shirt is about to give up. Hmn...

Well, Christmas parties are being thrown here and there now and it's still a week or so more before that fated day. Yep, it's becoming more and more festive now. I haven't yet decided what to wear to one this coming Friday at an aunt's place. The again, I normally dress according to mood so we'll see how that goes later...

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