Saturday, December 10, 2016

rainbow black

 tally weijl dress, ralph lauren sport shirt (similar), rubi (via) zalora ankle boots, vintage chanel clutch, aizilim necklaces, rings and wood cuff

Swapped the clutch for a bigger vintage leather bag to contain a box of four Human Heart Nature stuff to give out to people for them to try out and this was the right Christmas outfit to go out in and party at an aunt's house. Family business thing, yep. This tally weijl dress was begging to be outed somehow this season and I finally saw to wearing it out in some way that its not just a strapless thing. I'm...not really that fond of wearing strapless dresses and tops unless they were the really beautiful bandage types that need no reinforcement from shirts or tanks? I don't really know either. Haha. I'm normally more of a spacier up-top, and if possible, everywhere else person. 

It's that time of the year where I DIY my yearly planner instead of getting it from, say, the Coffee Bean...well, not because I'm a cheapskate, maybe, partly that but mostly because for the past two or three years now, this has been practice for me. I like it when I can combine the personal journal, ideas notebook and planner in one carry-all notebook than having a planner with a compartmentalized template that's separate from the other two. Such a thing keeps me from cluttering bags I carry around with me when I go out. What I also really like about this is I have the freedom to put whatever I want on the planner-ideas notebook-journal-in-one thing. Pictures/snaps included.

I'm currently catching up to where Doubutsu Sentai Jyuohgers are already (episode 40, still in episode 19 right now). Preoccupying myself with this while waiting for more episodes of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid because being kept hanging per week spells torture for me. Also currently keeping tabs on the Jdrama, Last Cop because it has my favorite young actor from Kamen Rider Drive: Takeuchi Ryoma. I watch Kdrama on tv on and off so I only follow select Jdramas now as opposed to following a lot before. Tokusatsu is mostly the only thing I really watch...slightly religiously however. 

Did anyone else miss my random music talk corner here? Just me? Okay, then. Here goes: I feel like I've been listening to a lot of things with Steve Aoki today but it's just really two tracks (one with Adam Lambert as main vocals, another with Walk the Moon, see below). I'm not even much of a Steve Aoki fan where my tastes on edm DJ-producers go---I usually lean towards those that specialize in deep,tropical house...mostly. I just have this on repeat because I'm a fan of Walk the Moon. Yep.

Now listening to/playing (mood): Steve Aoki & Boehm - Back 2 U feat. Walk the Moon

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