Wednesday, December 14, 2016

boy-dressing, 1990s, and boybands

 vintage plaid shirt, aeropostale cutoffs, zalora heeled pumps, necklace as bracelet from aunt, aizilim rings, forever21 necklace/choker

rubi via zalora ankle boots

Mary-Kate Olsen and her 2008 plaid shirt + cutoffs get-up inspired this one based on what I've seen browsing around Olsens Anonymous anyway. Seriously speaking though, this oversized flannel is pretty comfortable and warm enough to keep the cold of the night at bay. December usually spells cold nights, warm mid- to early-afternoons for us here that's only a few meters below the equator. I could think of a number of things to do in it which includes sleeping and it's something I'm about to do in a bit. I have yet to test drive taking it out in leggings or a pair of cutoffs/shorts and tights however. I'll do that next time. It never really is cold enough to wear this thing out randomly in that comfortable off-duty combo.

The plaid shirt is, without a doubt, a men's shirt as it has a racing event info print at the back and a patch---not really visible in the photos---saying the same thing on one sleeve of it. I thrifted this with a denim button-up a couple of years ago or so, if memory serves me right. The two are about the same size. ....and by this, you could also easily tell its shirts like this that comprise 1/4th of my wardrobe. Err...yep. I have a lot I use to dress like a boy with. Hah. It's something I'd expect from someone who grew up around 4 brother-like figures majority of the early 90s which was also the height, or at least it was here, of boybands. Okay, so who here, around that time ('til the mid 90s, 1995-1996 and/or 97) were fans of the Backstreet Boys and N'SYNC? Unfortunately...I was a Boyzone (an Irish boyband) fan first, that time, with one girl friend from early elementary school. RIP, Stephen Gately. The girl friend and I squabbled over who gets him once upon a time when the question of 'who is your Boyzone bias/favorite member?' comes up. My environment growing up as exhibited here dictates the way I dress or in the least, has influenced it. There's definitely no going back for me from here. It doesn't really help either that I'm a huge fan of some Japanese boy groups *cough*Da-iCE and now FlowBack*cough* and young, mostly up and coming Japanese male actors in tokusatsu. And no...I've never been really a fan of One Direction...well, save for their first album because, in my opinion, that was the only one I found to be the best from them... I usually prefer Asian, specifically Japanese multitasking lyric and dance male groups...mostly anyway.

Androgynous dressing...hmn...let me mull over it some more...
And speaking of the boyband fever which I think is never going to die in this...err...continent (thank you, East Asian---J, K, and C-pop gods!) anyway, and that which I will refer to now and then in this blog...

Now listening to/playing (mood): FlowBack - Come A Long Way
The dance video for this one from the guys wouldn't show up on the youtube search on here so this audio will have to do...I think. The former is definitely a must-see. If you're a jpop fan or even just someone who's curious about music and gimmick from this male group, you can look into their music and dance videos on youtube. They have a pretty good sound, different from my favorite Da-iCE but still comparably good, all in all. 

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