Monday, December 12, 2016


Zalora's on 12.12 sale right now and if you're smart, you'd get on it. Unfortunately I'm on no-buy mode at the moment but if I could these are the few things I'd get from the Asian shopping site. I've been on the lookout for a giant faux fur clutch for awhile now anyway and the sunglasses...well...because I smush out everything I own of the sort in the end anyway. While the others, I usually end up misplacing somewhere else. I'm pretty normally careless like that most of the time. Probably justifies why I'd like some stuff in multiples but stop myself short at just owning one, unless it's something I would wear or use to death on a daily basis, to keep from overspending... I've been minimizing stuff for eons now, habits included.

Now listening to/playing (mood): トライ・エヴリシング (Shakira Cover) - Ami (Dream)

Feel free to use my BAP code for added 15% off or so upon checkout if you're a neophyte to the online shopping site here: ZBAP22XJ and right this way if you're going to take advantage of the sale and should you be around my at least:

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