Tuesday, November 8, 2016

pretty pleasant pool day

photos by Candice Calonia

vintage ruffle front cream silk shirt, ebay top, What a Girl Wants bottom, Zalora faux leather double strap sandals
Owing to the fact I have a ton of separate pieces of tops and bottoms for swimming in pools and beaches (lost the bottom to one of my favorite What a Girl Wants bikini last year while moving from one water body to another around Surigao del Sur), mismatched bikinis is now a thing for me. 

Had so much fun lounging around Xavier Estates Sports and Country Club's poolside in between slithering into the pretty vast adults' pool they have and getting out of it to people watch and munch on snacks (of fruits and fries) and chitchat with the lounging companions. Yesterday, the whole day was perfect for pool day as the sun alternated to shining hot with isolated rain clouds and being hidden by the clouds in the early 8 to 9 in the morning. There wasn't any drop of rain either granted it's been raining on and off the day before and even before the latter. Best time I think we had in the pool area? Between 8 to 9 in the morning when there weren't anyone but the three of us and we had the place to ourselves, right before the club house's guests came down to swim and have their brunch. I like it when we have the place to ourselves but it isn't really bad when there are others besides us just so we can people watch, really.

There was definitely a lot of lounge-playing involved...

With this place being something I find to be easily accessible and just right by the village (what we'd call a private subdivision here because one, it's gated and pretty guarded---think Bel-Air?) where the best friend since high school resides, outings as random as this might just become more frequent...hmn...250 Php isn't too much to pay for a whole day's---until night because they close somewhere between 9-10 in the evening and night swimming is a must during the extremely hot summer days too---use of the pools here, really. 

....the sandals are originally for men but they proved to be lighter than the first use here. This might end up being used more often on quick errands and such...and walking around every kind of terrain possible here minus the desert which we don't have? Yes.

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