Friday, November 4, 2016

computer angel

So Close (2002), a Hongkong film production still remains one of my favorite movies to date so this halloween was a homage to Lynn's computer angel identity there. Such an action-packed film with a trio of bad-ass Asian females So Close is and Shu Qi is eternally beautiful to me. Re-watching the film reminds me still of how cool Nokia 8210/8250s were and how they could do tons of things way, way before smartphones existed.

I spent the really long weekend watching Halloween specials on TV from Rated K to Jessica Soho to's been sort of tradition for me since young and a fun one at that (I'm probably weird for being someone who enjoys really scary halloween specials of regular local lifestyle and news programs at this time of the year while my peers avoid them for being too scary and as such, giving them nightmares throughout the night...then again, I'm a huge fan of everything horror minus so much gore so...). How'd you spend yours? However way you did, hopefully it was as good as mine was.

Also, a bonus because tumblr was being cute during Halloween. They probably should do something like this for Christmas and maybe even Valentines Day, eh?

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