Friday, November 11, 2016

grey day

zalora skirt and shoes, secondhand shirt and silk scarf, bag from an aunt (probably from Target but I can't be sure either...), aizilim and vintage arm cuffs/bangles, aizilim and forever21 ring

Who isn't feeling grey upon learning who won in this year's US elections? It's not even my nation's elections---I'm clearly not from the United States but I do get to visit it from time to time with family in Long Beach, California---and even my morale was zapped after watching update after update of the electoral college voting results on CNN. I finally decided I had enough of it today and have given up watching the channel altogether. I...don't really see a point there anymore anyway. Well...I now don't know who has it worse this time. Is it the Philippines who know who had been voted to office here from May 2016's Philippine elections. Great Britain who use Brexit-ed (not sure if that is even a word it it is now...?)or the US... 2016 has been quite the year so far with Brexit, the Philippine May elections and now this. What's next? I'm starting to dread it. 

But I'm not really the kind to dwell on the negativity things like these evoke. I might be down a bit these days due to the turn of events but a few things have been getting my hopes up reading stuff around the internet and even as I stay out of it for well, the real world. That I know there are still people out there fighting to change things and more is enough to keep my hopes up. All because I'm trying to do the same outside of this blog among others.

And...personal style related blabber: this bag really is everywhere on this blog, isn't it? It's been my favorite go-to for quick packing to go out...very briefly. I use a bigger bag when I'm out for longer. It's so easy to stash in everything I need in it for a quick run of errands and the likes out.

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