Thursday, November 24, 2016

denim that's not jeans

denim dress from Bangkok, zalora heels, ninewest clutch, DIY headband, aizilim bracelet/bangle and rings

Possibly the only way I'm found to wear jeans. The dress's straps were falling apart so I had to have them chopped off but otherwise still one of the better denim stuff in the wardrobe. I don't often wear much strapless stuff unless there's occasion to, though. I'm fond of topping them with shirts most of the time. Might try that one with this next time for a more casual, worthy of going out randomly for tea or whatever look. The dress is pretty comfortable enough I rolled around in it on the floor by the stairs (my dubbed working space as of late) for a good fraction of the late afternoon yesterday while working on stuff on the laptop.

Music talk of the day: who's heard of Tove Lo's Lady Wood record by now and loved how it started with Fairy Dust as intro? So, so good record, by the way, as expected of her after the awesome thing that was Queen of the Clouds (this still keeps me high in the clouds when I listen to it plus it gives me that feeling of rolling around fluffy heart shaped clouds somehow...haha). The track Cool Girl speaks volumes to me and Imaginary Friend is just all out self-love appropriate. Also, weirdly, Lady Wood reminds me of wood nymph---which isn't really what she meant when she sung it on the titular track but w/e---which is what this outfit hints of. It's never been a secret I love Tove Lo so much *insert tons of hearts here*.

Kind of missing Bangkok, like I do Hong Kong, and the shopping there. I wasn't able to go around there as much on my own as I was stuck with the aunt and her friends/colleagues way back when. Pattaya was rad though. I'll go back one day...on my own, I guess...or with a girl pal so it won't be as lonely? Well, yep.

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