Saturday, November 5, 2016

for the rainy days, a polyvore set

rainy day wear

rainy day wear by crysta17 featuring a rainy day outfit

Polyvore-d today because I had a headstart on what to do with wellies? All I know is...this would totally be something I'd love to wear out today while doing some random shopping close by...or maybe to tea or coffee with a friend or two.

For two days and a night now, it's been raining intermittently and mostly, it's strong rains hence the inspiration for this set. I'm still forever on the lookout for the right wellies to this day. Sometimes I look into what Zalora has or what Primadonna on their physical stores have...or I'm thinking of going True Value on this one as I found a few of those there last time. 

Hopefully there's minimal rain at the pool come Monday as that is the current plan with the best friend.

Oh and nude everything for the win! 

Photobucket has been down for a couple days now. Says maintenance is ongoing and thus the reason why photos on this blog uploaded there have been nonexistent... Hope they fix that one soon.  

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