Saturday, November 19, 2016

an impromptu trip to the beach would be ideal right now...

 secondhand Pull and Bear tissue-like striped button-up, forever21 sailor shorts (from seasons past), ninewest bag, Rubi gusset ankle boots via Zalora, aizilim rings, necklaces and wooden bangle/bracelet, Smashbox net choker 

Ideal weather out right for a beach unplanned one on a Saturday inspired this one. I'm currently itching to go, unfortunately the good ones, mostly the beach resorts are an hour and a half away towards Balingoan, way past Jasaan from the city proper here. It'll take a bus ride to make it there, tops. That is if one didn't drive around here...yeah, I don't. I'm a not so good driver, to be honest, and city driving scares me to bits.

It's probably not ideal to wear this pair of boots, comfortable for walking around as they have been proving to be, around the beach but likely, I would...still. I am that...weird, it seems. But when I do get tired of the ankle boots and stomping around resorts/the beach with it on...this is going to ensue:

 ankle boots switched out with Zalora men's sandals

It would be so me to switch out staple ankle boots with Birkenstock-like Zalora men's sandals...

This is what those sandals look like up close:

Obviously, it already has telltale signs of how abused it has been since that fateful pool day with the bff in Xavier Estates Club and Country House...

And they're proving to be the easiest to wear on the way to run errands out. This adds a bit of masculinity to shapeless t-dresses I own in multiples I also grab as frequently as I do this pair of san...err...mandals.

It's the UAAP Cheerdance Competition on TV today. Nationally televised, as per usual. I'm opting out of watching, however. I don't know either. I only ever watched tv yesterday for one South Korean reality tv program and I've been tuning TV stuff out the whole week in favor of other things to do. I don't usually watch a lot of TV anyway. 

And yes, finally got around to fiddling with the hair and braiding a small portion of it somehow. A nice change for the usual down and messy 'do.

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