Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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It's been ages since I last danced, I only do so in the comforts of my room most of the time. These guys make me want to take up the art again, however. But honestly, the only thing I am into is yoga and maybe a few my head anyway since I haven't gone and done it and satisfy said need to get into something physical and calming.

My addiction to dance and vocal groups didn't reach its peak until I accidentally got into Da-iCE. They're pretty new. They only started their activities last year, 2011. But they're just the peak of the iceberg. There're more where they come from like...

....Miura Daichi. He apparently has 2 Sh**t Kingz members as back-up dancers in this music video.

These two artists---one being a group and the other going solo on most days---are like a drug addiction to me that I have to watch and re-watch their videos and it doesn't help that their songs are just as good as their dances. In an age where music for most artists are written and created for them (*cough*AAA and Kat-Tun among others*cough*), it's nice to discover people like Miura Daichi who choreographs his own dances and writes his own music. Da-iCE also seems to do their own music but it seems their choreography's are those of Sh**t Kingz among other dance gurus who've helped them in that area. From what I read about Da-iCE or the way I see Da-iCE while I was looking into their ameblo blog, it seems Kudo Taiki is responsible for their music. Songwriting seems to be a collective effort perhaps fronted by Hanamura Sota but this is just a hunch. Hayate, the youngest Da-iCE member, seem to also dabble into music making and that's pretty impressive for an 18-year-old. 

I think it's easy to see the kind of person I am with the kind of music I get into and other things. That aside, yep, I seem to be veering very far away from my usual Jrock interests. Jpop, too, though really, Jpop encompasses a ton of things going on in the Japanese music industry---Miura Daichi on r&b, et al, sugary idol music from AKB48 and most Johnny's Entertainment bands included.

As interested as I am in their dancing and singing at the moment, I'll just stand by and well, watch. I don't see myself attempting to dance and make my own music any time soon. Come to think of it, the last time I did dance and was interested in it in the physical sense was in 6th grade and that is years and years ago. Haha. Oh and a random insert: Miura Daichi is under Vision Factory with a contract with music label giant Avex. Da-iCE is under Avex's label and agency. There's a difference between agencies and labels in Japan, apparently. I think it's the same elsewhere.

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