Monday, September 17, 2012

simple minded

I'm one year older today and these are about the only things on my wishlist. It perhaps shows I have what people would call the mind of a neanderthal. That's about how simple and basic I can get. I wouldn't name them basics but I think they're essential to about anyone who's been exposed to normal dressing. I often forget people in real life have dubbed me as someone who would frequently refuse to wear jeans when everyone is doing so everywhere. Not my fault the Philippines is one hot place to wear jeans in on a regular, non-rainy day.

I'll mull over the thought of getting one of those ankle boots a couple of weeks from now. Really late birthday present for the self so I hope the size 7s would still be around until then. For now, I have school work to finish. A ton of them. I hate complications but these things I would have to deal with. For now, I'm saving up. 

Frankly, I haven't done a ton of shopping in the past few months. I really rarely do at the moment. I love doing so but these days, it's so easy to get frustrated by the lack of personal style choices going around everywhere here. I want to do away with frivolity personal style-wise but that notion of appearing frivolous (to mean well-dressed) apparently means to stay here. And in case you're wondering why I hardly dabble in all things colorful, yes, I'll admit I'm pretty bland like that. All thanks to the basic-est (that's a word now) neanderthal way of thinking I've adapted since I've started documenting my own style. In the same vein as this weird idea I have on colors and frivolity (word of the day rn), I tend to shake my head (even mentally) on the prevailing style trends going on where I am from. Hmmn...makes me wonder, where have the idea of wearing the most practical things gone to? Shamelessly went introspective in an outward thinking kind of way but oh, hey, that's about the point of having a personal style and lifestyle blog like this one? :)

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