Sunday, September 9, 2012

university event diary: the dance of two left feet

Went to see the indie movie, "Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa" (English trans. The Dance of Two Left Feet) last night with a friend. Jean Garcia, at some point of the movie, in that black dress reminded me of Natalie Portman in the Black Swan somehow. Now, it may have started as a requirement for class with my Philippine Literature 31 teacher but it turned out to be an insightful and fun night of Filipino indie flick watching and discussion---there was an open forum by the end of the movie my dorm mate and I stayed in until the event was concluded and the night in Luce Auditorium came to a close---with some known people in the indie film industry and a literature teacher in the English Department of the university. Drinking (of non-alcoholic beverages) in the nearby Mooon Cafe followed. 

Beyond the knee-length flowery bohemian dress from Thailand, I thought, was appropriate for the occasion and the only vintage clutch I brought with me from back home put to good use too. 

My only black socks I brought with me from home only had one of a pair left so my shoes+socks = ankle boots experiment failed and I ended up using the ankle-high stockings instead. I wonder if anyone noticed. It was night time anyway. And yes, the vintage evening clutch is Chanel.'

I haven't had anything alcoholic in excess since my late college years so instead of anything with alcohol, I ended up with Mooon's "stress relieving" smoothie. I should probably try the green tea my dorm mate had next. I'm a huge fan of green tea.

We capped the night off with a mandatory late evening walk back and fourth the boulevard and then were back in the dormitory before 12 midnight, minutes before the dormitory curfew. My roomie was also in the auditorium with a classmate but she never made it home last night. 

Photos by me and Kristel Punu

I'm currently going to give the turmeric tea a try. I got it from Cang's and then contemplate going elsewhere today. I'll be reading the rest of the day in and then writing my reaction paper and report for next week. It's a Sunday, it's supposed to be a break but I've already had enough of a break yesternight. 

I'm proud of the central Visayans and specks of Mindanaoans in the auditorium, btw. When the audience was asked who they liked between Marlon and Dennis, most said Dennis. I thought Rocco Nacino in the movie was exceptional in his role as well. And...should I dare say, cute and convincing, too. The movie is basically a subtle touch to boys' love. Since it's an indie flick, it is artistic in cinematography and style laced with poetry given Jean Garcia's character in the story is both a dancer and a Philippine literature teacher. It's very different from the more pronounced boys' love in some radical form of the shounen ai manga genre in Japan. It's definitely an indie flick worth watching as the end leaves a ton for the mind to ponder on. The flick's ending note was open to interpretation. This, of course, was what prompted discussions between me and the dorm mate, movie-watching companion.

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