Sunday, September 16, 2012

beach boulevard

 (first two photos by Kristel Punu, last photo by me)

Walking along the long stretch of the Rizal Boulevard never fails to calm the mind. It also doesn't fail to take away the boredom and the stress and it's true to anyone who's walking around here to the point that I'm envying a ton of the people that have decided to either hold picnics and study periods around the place. Spotting someone with a huge book propped open on one knee and a notebook on the other as he frantically took notes for exams, maybe study notes for a test the next day (and yep, finals is just a couple or so weeks away) made me want to use the place for daytime studies and some writing. Heaven knows I have a ton of papers to write, poems and short stories to examine and yep, tons of individual readings to finish. It's the befitting consequences of someone enrolled in the Literary Studies masters course in university.  

I was hoping to get a garden pizza c/o Mooon Cafe today but then electricity was out and the generator at the place couldn't handle the pizza making process. I was hoping a whole of it would carry me through to dinner time.

It's an old fad (note, the '90s) but I recently got caught by the denim bleaching fever and the shorts here is one of its few victims. There were a few others that didn't escape the bleach not so long ago and I still have a few others to bleach, too. I'm putting those off for the sem break...if I manage to get a break from school anyway. (It's all thanks to the ton of schoolwork I have to finish, I figure I am not going to get any sleep tonight as I try to finish a paper or two.)

Jasminkka is a fashion blogger that recently caught my attention. She can apparently wear prints like no other. I like to think prints aren't exactly my strong suit save perhaps the flower prints, ugly or not whatsoever. I hardly have anything with prints in my current closet, to be honest. I'll think about getting a few things there some time.

Never meant to flash anyone with the top but I got this at an XL hoping it could pass for a dress or that it would be comfortably loose. It achieved the latter but I can never seem to go out in it without anything to put over it which is why the thrifted cardigan was brought out despite the searing heat.
Shorts, DIY Gap cutoffs; netted jacket/coat, vintage; ankle boots, forever21; top, Never Been Kissed at Robinsons Department Store; bag, vintage

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