Monday, September 3, 2012

looking back on LiveJournal

Pulling out some old stuff from my LJ. I loved it there until I decided to pull the plug on the thing since it drove me crazy with spam messages and what not. This post never came to me until I looked into old LJ posts and then looked into old posts from my eternal favorite blogger. You already know who that is. Haha.

Friday two or three weeks ago around Silliman University campus with the Hibalag festival going on in the field may or may not have caused this shoot. This was the night before I left for home, Cagayan de Oro City, through the Dipolog bus route. Kristel, a dorm mate and fellow random stuff enthusiast, and I concocted this one somehow. She's also a fan of photography apparently. Glad to find a kindred soul this semester in the dormitory. She has been my lunch and dinner companion, walking around town buddy and soon will be my jogging partner along with another dorm mate who also happens to be new. Life in Krosskat Dormitory has just become interesting.

On a side note, I left this denim shirt at home and bought myself another from my current favorite thrift store in Dumaguete City. Now I have two of them and are likely to acquire a few more if I find more of things like them around. Soft denim in the perfect oversized fit happens to also be one of my addictions.

Bo's cafe about a year ago with Jan Michelle (JM Dumlao) and Mimi. JM documents for me when I'm back home and it's always good to be back home. Now I'm missing Bo's by Rosario Arcade. I hardly buy coffee out these days unless and at the rarest times, they're iced from either McDonald's or Dunkin Donuts and brewed and hot from McDonald's. Most of the time, I just obsess on Kopiko in the dorm or at home. I find it more potent than Nescafe which I happen to be immune to already.

There was a time when self-shots were called for and this was it. The dress here got shortened a few months later. One of my favorites from before until now although I can't seem to wear it out anymore without any shorts or some tights. It didn't really need shortening and I was an idiot for customizing it that way.

Seeing those boots a couple times in this post makes  me want to bring them out again and wear them with or without people staring me head to toe. Not a lot of people here are into outrageous footwear like I seem to be into. I'll figure out a way to incorporate this one into my traveling gear so I'd have to swap it from time to time with the overused and overly beaten ankle boots I got awhile back from Forever 21 Cebu.

Hanging out at home could lead to more outfit photoshoots and this was what Candice and I did when we were in my home. Yes, I have an eternal obsession with ankle boots, shorts and oversized shirts. Vintage belts and other such accessories included. You can only imagine what my closet and room looks like back home.

Plaid shirt from Forever 21 bought online that came with a really cute fringed tunic top had not seen the sun since I've been leaving it at home thinking I could survive Dumaguete City with minimal functional clothes. It's still one of my favorites. It's already a staple considering it's overuse. Acquired something like it in a different color from a thrift shop near McDonald's Dumaguete that stole my heart away. Photo on top was shot by JM, below is a self-shot.
I can't seem to stop bringing back home things I consider fun when I'm somewhere else. It includes the wolf headgear pictured here. There's a bear headgear too, lying in my closet at home. Baguio has a lot of these things. Too bad I'm not into anything else quirky like Spongebob Squarepants because they really had even that there.

A ton of things ensue when girls get together in a house party. This one came from the November Halloween-themed birthday party we had for those of us who had birthdays in the said month. This perhaps was the first time this 15 Php flowery vintage Rampage number from the weekend-ly night market had seen light of day. Some people on Chictopia commented this made me look like a fairy. I was shooting for a wood or flower nymph but I guess with the right wings, I'd easily morph into a fairy here. The second time this dress had been brought out was on my mom and dad's second wedding. They renewed their wedding vows last May 8. Received a ton of compliments from people who attended the event and liked the dress but they only seemed to notice what was wrong with it when I pointed at the eternally present light stain in it's front. For the occasion, the internal shoulder pads were really annoying so I ripped it out gently, utilizing a pair of scissors and it worked to give me the proper draping fit. This couple of photos were shot by JM. This one comes last because come October, semester break for most of us girl still stuck in the academe, we're getting together again to celebrate a ton of things, birthdays being only one of them. This time, Masquerade is the theme. It's going to be a ton of fun figuring out what kind of photos we'll come up with that time.


Most of my clothes come from thrift stores and I find that looking into thrift stores or ukay-ukays (it's the local term for vintage/second hand stuff on sale) here is teaching me a thing or two about personal style---figuring out exactly what goes on in my individual style. I do have some new things on my closets (because there's one in Cagayan and there's another here with me in Dumaguete) but most times, I find myself wearing vintage. There's just nothing like them around. I like to think my personal wardrobe is a home for the rejected or the ignored. Not a lot of people buy the things I find I like in thrift shops and the weekend-ly night markets---the local version for flea markets that operate at night. I often end up giving the ignored lovely pieces a home in my closet.

A bonus because this one was supposed to go on the shop I used to have in Multiply.

Some thought the denim shirt was separate from the skirt. It's in my favorite color and came with the dress above it at 15 Php, too. In this typical tropical Philippine-heat, I'd wear it out with sleeves rolled up to the elbows or the arms. I'm currently contemplating cutting off the sleeves to an acceptable length but I probably won't dare try destroying this one. It's already perfect. RIP vintage ankle boots. The sole of one of it came loose. It needs nailing but I doubt I can do it any moment here in the dorm.

Top photo by Kristel Punu, the rest are a mix of JM's, Candice's and mine. 

And before I officially end this, Kristel and I have found some good places around here to shoot in so here's to more outfit posts soon. 

I'm so sorry to a ton of Jpop/rock-culture fan folks I've been letting down on LJ and here recently. I'll get stuff up on that here soon. It's been a very busy semester catching up to readings and reaction papers and a few others recently. It doesn't help that midterms has just passed and school work seems to be accumulating. I haven't the time to catch up to a ton of things on Japanese TV. I'd really like to make some progress with Kamen Rider Fourze and check on some good Japanese dramas airing this season but time is limited. I'll be using most of it for catch up reading.

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